The Association of Finnish Theatres

The Association of Finnish Theatres is an interest and employers’ organisation of Finnish professional theatres. It was founded in 1922.

The Association of Finnish Theatres has 54 member theatres; 53 theatres all around Finland subsidised by the government or cities and the Finnish National Theatre. We work towards ensuring the operational preconditions of our member theatres and facilitating the making of high-quality theatre in Finland.

Our association works extensively in influencing cultural policy to improve the position of professional theatres in Finland. We influence national and municipal decision-making in order to ensure a stable working environment for theatres.

We represent our member theatres in labour market negotiations and co-operation for example by negotiating the collective labour agreements of the field of theatre with the employee organisations. In accordance with our role in the labour market we also offer our member theatres legal services and training.

We offer our members training that supports their operation, and we promote research in the field of theatre with both our own research and research co-operation.

Our association also takes part in international co-operation, especially in European employer co-operation and in influencing Nordic cultural policy.

Contact information

The Association of Finnish Theatres
Meritullinkatu 33 G 2
00170 Helsinki
tel. +358 9 2511 2150

Tommi Saarikivi
Managing Director

  • Influencing cultural policy
  • Collective labour agreement negotiations
  • International operations
  • Association administration
  • tel. + 358 9 2511 2151

Leevi Mentula
Legal Counsel

  • Legal advice
  • Collective labour agreement negotiations
  • Training
  • tel. + 358 9 2511 2152

Hanna-Reetta Schreck
Organizational Expert

  • Communication and information
  • Training
  • Events and seminars
  • tel. + 358 9 2511 2150

Iida Turpeinen
Project secretary

  • Projects & surveys
  • Theatre cards
  • tel. + 358 9 2511 2153

The executive committee of the Association of Finnish Theatres

The highest decision-making body in the Association of Finnish Theatres is the annual general meeting, where the member theatres are entitled to send 1-3 representatives, depending on the size of the theatre. The annual general meeting elects the executive committee of ten for the Association. The executive committee is in charge of central decision-making in the Association. The members of the executive committee are elected for a term of two years.

The executive committee in 2016-2017

Chairman of the board
Maija Perho

Vice Chair
Johan Storgård, Teaterchef, Svenska Teatern
p. 050 517 3224 | johan.storgard(at)svenskateate

Harri Natunen, Administrative Director, Rauma City Theatre
Jehki Härkönen, Project Manager, Helsinki City Theatre
Maarit Pyökäri, Artistic Director, Tampereen Työväen Teatteri
Esa Perttu, Chairman of the Board, Seinäjoki City Theatre
Mikko Kouki, Artistic Director, Turku City Theatre
Leila Savolainen, Vice Chairwoman, Kuopio City Council
Juha Vuorinen, Theatre Director, Rovaniemi Theater
Matti Paloniemi, Artistic Director, Dance Theatre Rimpparemmi